Corporate Social Initiatives – CSI

Escape to the Cape firmly believes in the concept of ‘paying it forward’. Our success to date would not have been possible without the kind assistance of many people and organisations which advised, mentored and opened doors for us in an already saturated market. So for us corporate social responsibility is not merely about giving away a potion of our profits to charity, but rather about getting actively involved in our community. We have chosen to do this by showcasing Cape Town to our own citizens who would not otherwise be afforded the opportunity to be a tourist in their own city. We have no doubt that this will inculcate in people a love and appreciation for our beautiful city and this will lead to all of us promoting and protecting Cape Town. We all deserve to be proud of our city and do whatever we can to make it a safe, enjoyable and welcoming for all who visit us!

We have adopted the theme ‘Be a Tourist in your Own City” for our CSI projects. In the 2011 year the theme was expressed in partnership with Kirstenbosch Gardens. We have assisted in the Garden Based Lesson Programme which gives underprivileged students the opportunity to visit this natural wonder and enjoy a practical demonstration of the Cape’s various fauna and flora. This is a first time visit to the gardens for most of these children and we have taken immense joy and pride in introducing them to a side of Cape Town which they would not otherwise have access to.

2012 will mark the launch of an exciting CSI project in partnership with the Cancer Foundation of South Africa (CANSA). Escape to the Cape has offered caregivers who volunteer their services to CANSA a full day Cape Peninsula Tour. Most of the volunteers are from previously disadvantaged communities and have never had the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Cape Peninsula. The project will see ten volunteers per month be treated to a day out which will include all entrance fees as well as a packed lunch. As a cancer survivor himself Shaheed is acutely aware of the stress and strain that caregivers face on a day to day basis and as such this project is very close to his heart.

Apart from its special projects the company also gives monetary assistance and help in kind wherever possible. These include monetary donations to worthy causes as well as offering free transport to the sick and elderly.



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