Interview with Shaheed Ebrahim

ē What is your favourite thing to eat in Cape Town?

I love food and would be hard-pressed to name a favourite - it all depends on my mood and whether or not Iím preparing for a cycling race! But some of my favourites are my mother-in-law's crayfish curry, gatsbys (a delicious local concoction that Iíll tell you all about on your tour), a good South African style Braai (thatís a Barbeque to the rest of you) and of course koeksisters (you will get a taste of this mouth smacking sweet pastry on our Cape Malay Tour)!

ē What do you love most about Cape Town?

I have travelled to many countries and Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities I have seen. The vibe, views, food, world class attractions and abundance of things to do and see make this any tourists dream destination. We have everything from sea and sand to mountains and forests, from buzzing nightlife and divine cuisine to sublime retreats and natural wonders. But on top of all that what makes Cape Town so special is its people. We a friendly bunch, with a sense of humour and even a decade after the end of Apartheid our locals are still intrigued by tourists. That means we always lavish you with the best treatment!

ē What are your top three favourite Cities in the world (apart from Cape Town of course!)?

Mumbai for its manic madness! London because itís a global village and Zurich because I was once held at the airport for 24 hours on suspicion of a false passport- exciting times! The officials ended up apologizing and paying me a little something for the inconvenience. A quick currency conversion and those 24 hours were worth every Swiss Franc!

ē What do you do to relax and unwind?

I get on my bike and ride miles and miles taking in the fresh air and reconnecting with myself. Itís my quiet time and what better place in the world to cycle than Cape Town. On a typical ride I cycle through the city centre, pass the iconic table mountain and all the way along the coast. You canít beat that!

ē What should every tourist to Cape Town make sure they fit in their to-do list?

Beyond Table Mountain, Robben Island and our beautiful beaches lies the picturesque Garden Route which most tourists do not know much about. A few days on the garden route is a must- this part of the Cape definitely has a special place in my heart! The garden route tour is sure to leave body and mind revitalized!

Then of course I think no tourist should miss out on a visit to the townships. These Apartheid relics are a living testimony to the spirit of our people in the midst of poverty and an enduring legacy of the impact of Apartheid that is felt even today. A Township Tour is a truly uplifting and memorable experience!

ē Which place in the world would you most like to visit?

Greece! Iím intrigued by the beauty and the history. Now letís just hope my wife is reading this and gets the hint!

ē What place should a visitor to Cape Town not bother with?

The Zoo. You are in Africa so take advantage of seeing animals in their natural habitat with a visit to a Game Drive.

ē What is the funniest thing you ever saw a tourist do?

Well so far nothing worth mentioning yet. But I love a story from one of my mentors. On a day out showing some tourists the penguins at boulders beach (I will keep the tourists nationality to myself!) one of the tourists boarded the bus with a baby penguin tucked underneath his coat! Now I have no choice but to check all my clients every time they board the vehicle! Just kidding.

ē Which people do you dread taking on your tours?

None at all. Every tourist is unique and that is what makes my job interesting and itís why I love what I do. Yes there are a few crazies sometime but hey it takes different people to make the world go round! I do however have a preference for tourists who are willing to interact with me. My job is not to lecture you or to spew out arbitrary facts and figures whilst you sink deeper and deeper into the oblivion of boredom. I want to engage with you and hear your views on our country. I want to learn about your neck of the woods too. Itís not a school lesson- itís a holiday!

ē What makes you happy?

Seeing my clients excited, interested and enthusiastic about the places we visit and appreciative of the effort I put into organizing a tour. But no matter how much fun I myself have on the tours nothing in the world can compare to going home at the end of the day and seeing my baby girl. Her smile melts my heart everytime!

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