In the early 1990’s South Africa, under the leadership of statesman Nelson Mandela, slowly transitioned towards inclusive democracy. For the first time in the history of the nation, all South Africans, irrespective of race or class, were considered equal before the law.

However, the impact and consequences of the systematic and institutionalised system of Apartheid which was based on the principles of racial segregation, linger on. This is no more apparent than in the spatial layout of Cape Town- a city which in many ways is still divided along colour lines.

Cape Town has a vast array of townships situated on the outskirts of the City – areas historically reserved for black, coloured or Indian people. While these townships produced freedom fighters, artists and intellectuals they continue to be characterised by economic hardship. Townships are easily recognised by their Shanties – makeshift structures of various materials – which serve as home to thousands of our citizens.

Our tour begins in Langa which is the oldest township in the City. Created in 1927, this area was designated for African migrant workers from the Bantu homelands. A local step on guide will lead you on a 90min walking tour designed to give you a real account of township life. What the township lacks in infrastructure and facilities, it makes up for in its vibrancy, hospitality and budding entrepreneurship culture.

On route back to the city we will drive by of the site of the old District Six township where about 60000, mainly coloured residents, were forcibly removed as part of the Apartheid regime’s ‘Group Areas’ plan. Your guide will bring this now, almost barren area, to life with stories about its rich culture and history. District Six is a painful reminder of a City that deliberately tore families apart. The tragedy of District Six continues to invoke deep emotions in the hearts of many Capetonians.

A short distance away, we stop in the historic Malay Quarter known as Bo-Kaap. A local resident will lead you on a 90min guided walk and relate to you the unique history of this area and its inhabitants- many of whom are the descendants of Indonesian and Malaysian slaves. Be mesmerised by the colourful houses, rich culture & local stories that make this area so unique. And to ensure that your experience is truly immersive, you will also be invited to indulge in a variety of local snacks.

DURATION: 4.5 hours
TIME SLOTS: 9am or 1:30pm
INCLUSIONS: Specialised Langa and Bo-Kaap guides | Snacks in Bo Kaap
EXCLUSIONS: Gratuities